Louis Vuitton has brand strategies for their products.

History of Louis Vuitton
History of Louis Vuitton

Brand Strategy of Louis Vuitton

Paying a hefty price for a bag surely isn’t something I’d do. But for some people, getting a Louis Vuitton Bag even though it’s outrageously expensive is something that is already a part of their dream. And amazing as it is, Louis Vuitton has kept their reputation for century and retaining that pride in their bags as well. How do they do it?
Unlike other companies, luxury clothes designer/companies cannot dictate the price its retailers sells their items. People often dictates them, as if something is not bought, they’ll probably be put in a lower price, bringing its prestige lower than what it originally was. The Louis Vuitton is one perfect example of a Luxury company that maintains the prestige of their bag through amazing Brand Strategies.
One thing that is most noticeable in one Louis Vuitton buyer is that they haven’t had a sale in centuries. In their 154 years of operation, they never had a sale as this will oppose their core idea to sell every bag to buyers each at the same price it is intended.
Also, to prevent fake or foster Louis Vuitton bags, Each bag the company makes has a name and not a serial number. One of the few examples of these are “Soho”, “Broadway”, “Ural”, “Baikal” and many more. Mod Cloth and Ninewest also do this kind of brand strategy. Also, for self-indulging customers, Louis Vuitton also has a special order service for custom made products.
In terms of Promotion, Louis Vuitton doesn’t have any television ads or commercials. This is because they value fullness of information exchanged between the customer and the LV salesperson. Louis Vuitton trains their salesperson to tell the stories between their product and inform customers regarding the rich details of latest pieces, how to care for the bags, and updates on key fashion designers. Yearly, Louis Vuitton supplements stores with catalogs that consumers can buy. The catalogues contain an immense amount of information about the products; the catalogues always sell out. At the same time, to promote its products, Louis Vuitton has brand “muses”.
Lastly, Louis Vuitton retains the prestige of their brands by never going on sale. So what do they do to products which are not sold? Once a product is taken out of its production, it retires, meaning they burn them instead of selling them on a discount. This promoted and employed the tactic, “you better buy it now or it will be gone”.
The Louis Vuitton bags, despite of its expensive price, surely is a bag that is loved by many. Through their branding strategies they had really maintained their throne as one the best Luxury Sellers out there.

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