Tips in knowing an Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag

History of Louis Vuitton
History of Louis Vuitton

An authentic Louis Vuitton Bag

Fashion is really an important factor to everyone, especially to girls. From head to toe, she will surely want to be perfect. Some are fine with simple stuffs while some are picky. One factor that surely is a main attraction for the ‘pickiness’ of a girl is the bag she’s going to use. And one of the bags that a woman would surely desire to have is a Louis Vuitton bag.
Nowadays, it seems to me like everyone, may it be moms or their daughters, have Louis Vuitton Bags, replica or not. Well, that is seemingly surprising as Louis Vuitton bags are extremely expensive. So, if you have the money to buy one, you will surely want to have the authentic bag so as not to waste your money with some fake ones.
Louis Vuitton designers are very discreet in making their bags the best for clients. The qualities of their bags are top-notch and simply cannot be imitated perfectly without using the same materials as the authentic ones.
Authentic Louis Vuitton bag never comes with Authentication cards. Even though I haven't seen any Louis Vuitton bags whose hardware is wrapped with tissue paper, however I have seen an authentic Louis Vuitton whose handles are wrapped in plastic because they are brand new and never attached to the body of the bag.
Next is to look closely at the material used for the bag. The canvas materials used are not smooth and the LV patterns are symmetrically aligned. Every Louis Vuitton handbag lines have its own characteristics that are only applied to them. Each bag differs from each other which make them unique even inside the world of Louis Vuitton.
Also, Louis Vuitton bags which are authentic are made in either France or Spain. It will be wise for you to check the stamp and how it’s stamped as well. Also, most of classic Monogram pieces have brown lining and never have any LV pattern fabric for their lining. A black multi-coloured line usually has light grey lining and white multi-colour usually has bright red suede-like lining.
The price of the bag is also a big hint to the authenticity of the bag. If the price is too good to be true, then most like the bag itself is also to good to be true, meaning it may be fake. And if the bag is also too high than any other bags, and is said to be one of the rarest collection, then it is better for you to stay away from it as it can also be a form of scam. More importantly, always remember that Louis Vuitton doesn’t have much retail stores and they never go on sale as to protect their pride.
These simple tips may help you get that dream bag of yours in the right way. Knowing these facts will surely help you whether what you’ll buy is an authentic Louis Vuitton Bag or not. And if you’ve successfully done this and the bags in your hands, then walk head high and ramp with your new Authentic Louis Vuitton Luxury bag.

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