Louis Vuitton offers a lot of luxurious products that costs a lot

History of Louis Vuitton
History of Louis Vuitton

The Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Items of all Times

Louis Vuitton is a fashion house based in Paris France that was established in 1854. Its products include leather goods and luxury trunks, watches, jewelries and accessories, shoes and sunglasses. These products all bear the brand’s famous LV monogram, and are sold through their boutique shops, high-end department stores and through their website. Louis Vuitton is generally considered as the most valuable luxury brand in the world valued at more than $25 billion.
The brand, however, is also one of the most counterfeited in the world. To further demonstrate its commitment to eradicate counterfeiting, the company even sued popular singer Britney Spears for using a fake Louis Vuitton product in one of her music videos. Claiming that the video was an attack on its brand and the image the company was trying to project, Louis Vuitton also included Sony BMG and MTV Online in the suit. Eventually, Spears was found innocent, but Sony BMG and MTV Online were both levied hefty fines for their infraction.
Some of Louis Vuitton’s items that costs a lot includes; Vienna Minimalisa High Boots that is made from the finest ostrich skin and features a four and a half inch heel. It may have minimal in its name, but the price is definitely far from it. This boots costs $4500. The Manhattan Richelieu that costs $10,000. It is made and painted with hand; the Manhattan Richelieu from Louis Vuitton was created to showcase the tradition of the luxury brand, combining detailed craftsmanship with a vintage style. The Tribute Patchwork Women’s Handbag that costs $45,000, the Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudiere, that costs $101,000 and many more expensive items from Louis Vuitton.
Louis Vuitton offers a lot of luxurious products that costs a lot. But despite of their very expensive pricing, their products will surely satisfy you.

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